“So, I was on a Swingers Cruise...”

Dodging Death: A Comedy Podcast

Note: This podcast contains adult themes.

In this episode: Stephen talks about the time he was on a ’swingers cruise,’ and the anarchy that ensues when 3,500 promiscuous couples head out to sea. He talks about his wildly misjudged purchase of a denim jacket, and going for a medical exam with a suspicious doctor who thought he was trying to fake his urine test. Ryan tells the team about allowing the Chinese government to write text messages on his behalf, and how long it took for any of his contacts to realise what was happening. They talk about a run-in with Spandau Ballet’s Tony Hadley, and Producer Paul makes a comeback having grown an “Amish Beard," and has brought with him his first feature, "Ping Pong Paul!" Although the team were delighted with the name, he swiftly informed them his feature idea extended no further. Ryan leaps on the opportunity to test the team's knowledge of both Drew and Michael Barrymore, in the feature he calls, “More, more, Barrymore!".

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