"I sympathise with goths in summer..."

Dodging Death: A Comedy Podcast

Note: This podcast contains adult themes.

In this episode: The summer heatwave has continued and the team wonders how difficult it must be to be a goth in the warmer conditions. Stephen is back from another trip away where he had a sighting of the rare creature known as 'Big Mike', when he witnessed a spontaneous promiscuous encounter in a restaurant. Ryan laments how the anonymity of the online purchase has led him to buy a comically large comb and reveals the ridiculous hand trick he claims only he can do. Producer Josh returns to warn the team how you can't trust a postman, and recounts with Ryan the time they went to Paris and watched people shambolically try to create the Eiffel Tower camera trick. Ryan hosts this week feature, where he tests the teams knowledge of niche celebrity presenters in niche investigative programmes, in what he likes to call, 'STE.V Heaven, Telly Hell.'

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