"Gossiping in a jacuzzi with old ladies..."

Dodging Death: A Comedy Podcast

Note: This podcast contains adult themes.

In this episode: Dodging Death has fully embraced wedding season as Stephen regales anecdotes from his time as a wedding magician, including when he saw a disastrous attempt to make a real eagle part of the ceremony (indoors!), and experienced a butterfly release that went horribly wrong. Ryan laments how his week has been dominated by repeated encounters with a middle aged exhibitionist and explains how he is becoming increasingly concerned by the threat posed by the expanding Seagull population.

Producer Josh is back and reveals the new activity he's turned to in his downtime from work. Also, Stephen is about to embark on another long trip, which has inspired a return of an old favourite in this week's feature. Ryan hosts 'News of the Williams II' in a futile attempt to make sure Stephen keeps his finger on the pulse with current affairs while he is at sea.

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