"That fella made my stripper suit..."

Dodging Death: A Comedy Podcast

Note: This podcast contains adult themes.

In this episode: The Dodging Death Team are recovering from the big wedding and discuss the antics of the night before - including how they kicked things off on the dance floor with an embarrassing version of the Australian equivalent to 'La Macarena.' Stephen explains how he can't recommend Brazil as a holiday destination, following the traumatic time he got debilitating food poisoning from eating some unidentifiable meat at a buffet with Paul Daniels' son. Ryan reveals how the highlight of his week was a 'Madonna-thon' he attended, and imparts yet more trivia on his favourite subject: ABBA.

Producer Josh returns and he's back on hosting duties in a feature inspired by last month's Liverpool Pride. It's gay wordplay (the best kind, naturally) in a game he calls, 'Time for P-Ry-de!'

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