Podcast Review/Survey

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We’re looking for 5* reviews on iTunes for the British comedy podcast: Dodging Death.

To complete this assignment, please go to the podcast page on iTunes/Apple Podcasts by clicking HERE (if the link does not work, please search for Dodging Death in Apple Podcasts). Then, please subscribe to the podcast, click the 5* (star) review button and write a short, complimentary review.

Please do not directly copy what other reviewers have said - but try to convey that the podcast is funny/hilarious/entertaining etc. Feel free to also include any of the following: The hosts are Stephen and Ryan; it’s British; they have a British sense of humour; it comes out every Monday; they have great/funny features; they are very quick witted etc. Just a line or two about how much you enjoy the podcast.

Once you’ve done that, please come back to this page and enter your name and worker id below. We’ll aim to verify your work within 24 hours.

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