After leaving college, studying the somewhat cliché Film & TV Production or ‘media’ (I mean, please), I decided that if I was going to make magic my career, I should really find out about how to manage a business. The minutiae of day-to-day business tasks that don’t really involve ‘practicing card tricks’, as I saw it.  

Nobody in my family is self-employed, so I felt it best to get some outside help from the experts. With that in mind, I contacted The Prince’s Trust, a youth charity helping people between the ages of 13 - 30 get jobs and business training. With their guidance, I took part in a four-day training course; created my first ever business plan and was assigned a business mentor: David Lynas.  

David was the Operations and Finance Director for L’Oreal for many years, and my advisor at The Prince’s Trust said he’d personally chosen David to work with me on the business, based on his knowledge of working with people and incredible track record of growing companies. So, with that, David and I had our first meeting a week or two later, and little did I know how much of a tremendous effect on my life he would go on to have.  

The plan, as laid out by the Trust, was to meet David in person once a month and have email communication in-between that. During these sessions, David and I would discuss my business; he’d give me some actionable steps and we’d meet up the following month to see what the progress was and how to move forward. He’d also send me regular messages to hold me accountable and help with any hurdles I was facing. 

The Prince’s Trust offers mentors for a maximum of two years; however, I’m currently writing this over five years later and David and I still talk several times a month, and very often meet up for a coffee and a catch-up. He has gone from being my 'assigned business mentor' to someone I’d be proud to call a friend, and if I’m being honest, an occasional therapist!  

David, and his lovely wife Uschi, have been incredible supporters of my personal and business growth. They have always been a phone call away whenever needed, and have gone above and beyond, on many occasions, to help however they could.  

My business did indeed grow enormously with David’s help, and I was able to reach a point where I could entirely support myself using magic alone. Really, though, it was the belief that David had in me that really had the biggest impact. He’s an incredibly kind, warm-hearted man and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done.  

Thank you, David. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.