Being the school show-off was a bit of an inevitability I suppose. I’d imagine it’s the same for everyone who ends up going into entertainment really. As much as we hide behind the false modesty, we’re all secretly yearning for your attention. 

Having said that, I’d like to think I’ve cooled off from that now. I used to be the kind of person who couldn't wait to spring a magic trick onto you, and I would carry a range of different props with me at all times. Now, I’m more likely to have a chapstick and Waitrose royalty card in my pocket than a live dove I’ve been waiting to produce for someone all day.

In school, I was always known as the ‘magic kid’ and would very often be asked to go around to each classroom performing some tricks for the collected 20 or so children. At the time I thought they asked me to do it because the other kids really enjoyed it and it was a nice thing for them to do. In hindsight though, based on the school I went to, I’d imagine the teachers just couldn’t be arsed with teaching a lesson and thought it would be easier to ask muggins here to do magic instead. Regardless, it was fun to perform.

I actually can't believe I’m going to post this due to just how cringe-worthy it is, but for your entertainment pleasure, here is a clip from one of those very classroom performances. I’m going to hide behind the sofa while you watch…